Affiliation Discounts

We offer discounts to members of many groups as a way to show our support for the organizations and the members that make up our community and continually strive to improve it.

If you are a member or relation (family member, parent, brother, sister or child) of any of the following groups please ask about the discounted pricing we are currently offering, and we thank you for your hard work.


 Supported Organizations

  • Active, Reserve or Disabled Military Persons

  • Members of the Central Bucks County Chamber of Commerce (CBCCC)

  • The Chalfont New Britain Business Alliance (CNBBA)

  • Members of the Masonic Order


We discount our hourly fee by 15% and our AUM fees by 10% for these groups and organizations.


We also support many charities in the area. To see a list, Look under "Charities" on our Preferred Provider Directory page . There you will also find a list of businesses we work with, many of whom offer discounts to the clients of Capital Insurance and Investment.