Our Process

Our Process enables clients to make well-informed decisions efficiently.

Effective consulting requires a commitment of time and talent combined with a candid exchange of information and opinion. It requires trust.
We believe trust is earned. Therefore, we follow a process that allows our clients to measure our capabilities and to judge our performance before they engage in our services.
Understanding the goals and needs of our client is the first and most important step in our process. This is accomplished through assessment.
We engage in an assessment process to understand about your goals and objectives, your assets and liabilities, your investment accounts and insurance policies, and your current tax-reduction strategies. For business owners, we evaluate and assess your contracts and agreements, along with your employee-benefit and business-continuation plans—all in the context of your long-term family needs and goals.
Capital Insurance & Investment Planning, provides a written summary that contains an analysis and recommends what steps are needed to reach your objectives.
These topics include:
  • Wealth Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • College Planning
We disclose any fees for our services in advance of any client commitment.
Once we are satisfied that the client has a full understanding of our process, their priorities, and our fee structure, only then, can the client sign an agreement.


Strategic Coordination of Professional Services
We work with the client’s attorney, accountant and other advisors as a team. This part of the process helps the client understand each professional’s role and the collective value these professionals provide to help meet client objectives. This is part of a refined process to assure that all viable alternatives have been examined. Again, the client participates in that process and receives a summary of client options and strategies.
Financial Modeling
We utilize modular-planning procedures that allow us to evaluate, develop, and design solutions that meet the client’s time horizons and priorities. Modeling is not intended to predict the future; it is a way to focus on a concern, issue or specific need that the client has identified. Comparisons and alternative scenarios are offered in each module.
Capital Insurance & Investment Planning, offers more than just advice. We take the client through every step of implementation, including, if needed, working with other professionals such as the accountant, attorney and other professional advisers. This assures the client of our commitment to their success. This also confirms that the planning steps are implemented timely.
Status Reports
We provide clients with online access to their investment accounts, insurance policies, annuities and retirement plans. In addition to sending quarterly statements by mail, Capital Insurance & Investment Planning, e-mails to you a quarterly statement detailing comparisons to relevant benchmarks, such as the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as historical performance for your account and each investment in your account.
We contact clients quarterly to discuss the status of their plan and to keep them aware of any changes that would affect their planning. We ask each client to meet with us quarterly in person, if possible. Our commitment to communication makes our process successful.
Our success is measured by your success.